Hello Dollies for Channel 4
#Watch #WORK / Broadcaster Channel 4 / Role Producer/Director / Production Company Keo Films

Original documentary about adult doll’s house collectors for Channel 4’s “First Cut” strand of films from the UK’s top up-and-coming directors. It was an amazing opportunity and a hoot to make.  Special mention to composer Joel S Silver, whose sound design and music really brought all the houses and their owners to life.

Here is some more info:

Caroline is the queen of the doll’s house world. Every one of her 44 dolls houses has a story within it, from Floozy the showgirl to an exquisite replica of Caroline’s childhood home in Versailles. Mandy has been collecting doll’s houses for two years and has a £300 a month miniatures habit. She’s already filled the dining room with doll’s houses, but where is she going to put her latest project, a 4 floor dolls house mansion that towers over her 4ft 8′ height?

Kevin and Susie are among the world’s top doll’s house makers. Their creations, made side-by-side from the family’s Wiltshire shed, run into tens of thousands of pounds. But nothing they make satisfies perfectionist Kevin.

What drives these very British eccentrics to make their perfect little worlds, filled with miniature dream homes, and make-believe stories, all at one-twelfth the size of real life?

With humour and pathos, Hello Dollies pulls the viewer into a magical world of make-believe – from the exquisite detail of a Fragonard painting the size of a postage stamp; to the poignancy of recreating a beloved childhood house in miniature.

“A charming insight into a world we didn’t even know existed” – Daily Mail ****



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