Undercover In Premier Inn for Channel 4
#Watch #WORK / Broadcaster Channel 4 / Strand Dispatches / Role Producer

When a Dispatches reporter goes undercover as a housekeeper working for contract cleaners at a London Premier Inn, she finds some uncomfortable truths about what it can be like for those working there.

Produced and Developed this original idea to expose conditions of hotel workers across the UK. The programme gained two million viewers, huge amounts of press coverage, and was nominated by Channel 4 for a British Press Award (Popular Journalism).


Trapped By My Mortgage

Original documentary for BBC’s flagship strand and investigative series Panorama

Destination Canada

Produced this series of stylish presenter led travelogues designed to encourage British visitors to Canada across the summer of 2017.

Love and Sex When We’re Over 60 for Channel 4 News

From internet dating in your eighties to new love in care homes.